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Sponsor Spotlight- Ako Mātātupu

Women in Engineering is privileged to have Ako Mātātupu as one of our sponsors this year. It is special for Women in Engineering to partner with Ako Mātātupu as we are both non for profit organisations founded on the basis of addressing inequality within our respective industries.

Ako Mātātupu is an independent Tertiary Education Organisation who endeavours to address the educational inequality in Aotearoa which sees thousands of children leave school each year without the most basic qualifications and what they need to live full, happy and flourishing lives, including accessing further education, and growing in a career they love. To do this, they are providing full scholarships for qualified candidates (including graduates of STEM degrees!) to teach in secondary schools while completing a Postgraduate Diploma in Secondary Teaching through The Teach First NZ education leadership programme. This is opportunity to use your technical knowledge to make a real difference in the community and lives of our rangatahi.

This is a career pathway you may not have considered pursuing with your engineering degree so we strongly encourage you to look into Ako Mātātupu's Teach first NZ programme. The first round of scholarship applications is currently open and close on June 17th.

More information can be found through these links:

Programme information and scholarship applications:

About Ako Mātātupu:

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