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Diversity and Inclusion Evening

On Tuesday night, WIE collaborated with ENSOC to hold our Diversity and Inclusion Evening. The night was a great success!

We heard from seven fantastic speakers; Kim Rutter from University of Canterbury; Teaghan Kirby from Tonkin + Taylor; Kirsti Murahidy from Tonkin + Taylor; Becky Macdonald from Jacobs; Enda Crossin from University of Canterbury; Bridgette Petrie from Beca; Matteo Brennan and Lufi Lene from TOTEM : Māori and Pasifika in Engineering Society.

A key issue discussed was how different groups are impacted by a lack of diversity and bias, as shown in pay gaps and lack of representation. Great takeaways from these points were to always check your bias, rotate roles to prevent detrimental stereotypes, and stand up to enabling environments.

A big thank you to our awesome speakers, we really appreciate your time, energy, and insight. Also, thank you to our members for attending the event, we hope you gained some valuable perspectives.

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